Project Management Office

The Project Management Office

Project Management is a profession, and like any other profession we are striving to learn from our past experiences. Following The Global Standard For Project Management (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2017), project managers help guide the client through the project life cycle to help them realize the economic benefit of their investment project. Through the lessons learned, the PMO improves on past performances by re-assessing and modifying the tools and techniques used. The use of automation in the PMO’s information system software helps the project manager to optimize their performance.

Service Packages

Project Coordinator

The project coordinator will take your existing project management plan, and execute the activities. This package is for the plant or engineering manager who has already gone through the planning stages of the project but the full scope of their other responsibilities prevents them from dedicating their full attention to the project.

Project Coordinators are billed out at an hourly rate invoiced for work completed at the end of each month.

Project Manager

The project manager will work from your project charter to plan and execute the project. This package is ideal for the plant or engineering manager who have already established their project but need someone to deliver the product.

Project Managers are billed out at an hourly rate, invoiced at an agreed up point in time.

Project Executive

The project executive will work from your business case and requirements. This package is for the entrepreneur who wants to grow their business through projects but adding the payroll expense is not viable.

Project Executive packages are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.